Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Moke

His name is Moke or Mokerson or Moke Moke. Well, those aren’t really his names. More like call signs, tag lines, depending on our moods and his behavior. Moke is one of our six cats and the loudest, most annoying, territorial, rambunctious, intelligent, and exacerbating. Fortunately for him, he’s playful, cute, and likes to snuggle in bed. He sleeps beside me most nights, hogging the pillow. If he sees I’m awake in the middle of the night, he’ll give me a soft mew and a light nudge with his head. Melts my heart and resolve. But before long, he’ll be patrolling the perimeter, harassing and goading the other cats, meowing at the top of his lungs for breakfast.

Moke wandered on to our porch about 7 years ago, sleeping in a pizza box for two weeks while we got to know him and decided to add him to our family. The vet warned us we’d have our hands full. Moke has an extra thumb on one paw, which means it’s easier for him to open cabinet doors to dig in the trash can. Or pry open plastic containers. He is constantly on the move, prowling his territory. Mewing to go outside. Climbing on forbidden countertops. Licking dishes in the sink. Pushing pots filled with food off the stove.

He’s lucky he found us.

I don’t know if anyone else would have the patience…

Edited 8/08/09 to add...

And he's at it again tonight. Trying to pry the lid off a plastic container. Because he wants some WATERMELON!


  1. Holy Moke! Sounds like a handful.
    Must be part Siamese. Aren't they the only breed with extra toes? Or is that just a recessive trait that can appear in any breed?

  2. I love a cat with character and it sounds like Moke has it in spades.