Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tis the Season

It's Babba-lope season. No, I'm not referring to an antelope type creature. Babba is the matriarch of my feline family, and lope is cantaloupe. We bought our first cantaloupe of the season yesterday and before we even cut it, Babba was in the kitchen mewing like a kitten. A kitten trying desperately to get her fix, that is. She has loved melon from day one, and it's funny to watch her dance around hoping to garner a few bites of the sweet orange fruit. The vet raised his eyebrows and gave me the oddest look when I asked him if it was ok. He'd never heard of a cat liking cantaloupe or fruit of any kind. Welcome to our world.

First Post

I have racking my brains for the past week trying to come up with something to say. Then it hit me. My cats don't mince words. They don't waste time thinking of witty comebacks. They speak their minds without hesitation. Why can't I be more like them?

Now there's a thought for the day...