Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Evolution of a Name

How many names do you have for your pet? I bet you’d be surprised if you made a list.

I’ll use Smokey as an example. (Because I know how much you all love the little shi- I mean goofball.  ) His original name was Cry Baby Slim. When he first joined our family, he was skinny and would not shut up. The skinny part isn’t true anymore, but he still won’t shut up!

Here’s a quick list of his nicknames:

Chocolate Moke
Poke Poke
P Poke Train
Mocus Pocus

Each name represents a different frame of mind/attitude and/or behavior, and sometimes one name can have different meanings depending on the way it’s said. It’s kinda like using a child’s middle name when they’re misbehaving, except Smokey’s name gets shorter when he’s driving us nuts.