Saturday, September 5, 2009

Half Tail

Half Tail came to our screen door not long after we moved into our current house. A tiny little kitten, she curiously peered into the kitchen. When I went to the door to greet her, she scooted off the porch. About four months later, she appeared on the porch again. One cold February day, she wound herself around my legs and I noticed she was missing something. Her tail. Only part of it remained. Her hind end looked like something tried to take a bite out of her. I did what I could first aid wise. She was more interested in my scratching her head than acknowledging her misfortune.

She has always been a very loving, upbeat cat. Friendly and caring. She's mothered 3 litters and fostered more than a few strays. Always keeping such a great attitude. You could never feel sorry for this cat.

That's why one warm December afternoon, my heart nearly broke. I awoke from a nap with the need to go outside. I hurriedly put on my shoes and rushed out the door. I didn't think about why or where I was going. Long story short, I found Half Tail in bad shape, shot by someone in our neighborhood. During the next few months, she taught us much about perserverance and patience, all the while keeping her incredible attitude.