Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clumping Cat Litter or Should I say Quick Drying Cement?

I’ve thought about going back to the old fashioned litter you have to dump every day or so, and I’ve tried the pine stuff. My cats didn’t like it, and most of you know what it’s like when your feline friend doesn’t want to use its box. So, I don’t experiment very often. But days when I scoop the concrete blocks from my little creatures of habit who only seem to do their business in the corners, I wish for something better.

Here are a few things we’ve done to improve our litter box situation :

We added more boxes to prevent ambushes and for convenience.

We took off the roofs for better air flow.

We switched to fragrance free litter for their health and ours.

We changed to 25 gallon plastic tubs rather than a standard litter box.

We put towels on the floor under the boxes to cut down on litter being tracked throughout the house.

We buy high quality, low-dust, clumping litter. Our next move will be a switch from clay.

We scoop every day - sometimes twice.

Most of all, we keep our sense of humor...

...and pray for patience.

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